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You're not my DADA

'You’re not my Dada!' is a short subject film designed for theatrical distribution (repertory, arthouse, indie cinemas), film festivals, internet, museums, galleries, and schools, colleges and libraries. Two versions of the film are being produced – a 20-minute film for educational purposes and a 10-minute film for all other venues.

Dada is an explosive and rebellious art movement that lashed out against the madness and destruction of World War I. The film examines this movement, free of aesthetic and social constraints, shocking in its rejection of artistic traditions and common values, full of wit and satire, appealing to some, appalling to others. Founded at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, Dada quickly became an international phenomenon spreading to Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands and the United States. 

'You’re not my Dada!' also explores the derivative qualities found in contemporary art, specifically conceptual, performance and installation art. Dada was, as one art critic in the film states, '…the ancestral root of what is cool and hip in today’s art world.'

While contemporary work inspired by Dada has been viewed and validated in museums and galleries all over the world, much of it tries to mimic Dada but does so with varying degrees of success and often without context, meaning or purpose. Some critics consider this an act of shameless appropriation or downright fraud. Hence our title,'You’re not my Dada!'