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"Tamas Revesz: New York"
-Pulitzer prize-winning photographer-
"Writer's Block"
-An installation by Sheryl Oring-
"Through the eye of the needle"
-Textile art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz-
"Victims and Perpetrators"
-Drawings by Ilka Gedo, Gyorgy Roman-
"Hungary: Before and After"
-A group of Hungarian artists-
"Anna Stein"
-Athletes and Beauties-
"Hawaiian Puppet Story Telling"
-Ku'ula the god of fishing-
"Tamas Revesz"
-"Rroma, Roma, Rom, Gypsy" photographs-
"Laszlo Dus NYC"
-Recent works-
"Boyan Kirkov"
-Recent works-
"Susan Pearcy"
-Mixed media and prints-
-The Gyugyi Collection-
"Dick Waterman"
unpublished photographs-