Created in 1992 in Washington, D.C., the Cultural Exchange Foundation, a nonprofit  501(c)(3) organization, has brought to public attention works of art that promote themes of freedom, civil liberties and cultural diversity. The Foundation’s mission is to organize art-related projects and educational activities that foster greater understanding and appreciation of differing cultures and peoples. The Foundation’s projects have been seen by audiences in the United States, Hungary, France, Germany, Israel, Japan and Taiwan. Services include art management, creative concept development, curatorial assistance, supervision and coordination of exhibitions, films, seminars, concerts, cultural events, publications and theatrical performances.
Foundation officers are:

Anita Semjen
Founder and President
Hungarian-born Anita Semjen, a former psychologist, developed and led research projects for the Hungarian Mass Communication Research Center and the London School of Economics, worked as a consultant on Hungarian documentaries dealing with social and political issues, co-hosted a Hungarian television show on family matters, served as Director of Public Relations for MAFILM (Hungarian National Film Studios) and worked as an international arts consultant in Budapest, New York and Washington, D.C. In 1995, she was honored in the U.S. Congressional Record for “Victims and Perpetrators,” her exhibition on the Holocaust. Semjen has won top prizes at several international film festivals and received Hungary’s highest award for outstanding achievement in the arts and humanities.

Lesley Israel
Vice President
Lesley Israel is a public relations and fundraising consultant and strategist. She is an expert in the field of international democracy and elections and serves as Treasurer and Director of IFES, an organization involved in the development of civil society, elections, the rule of law and governance in emerging democracies throughout the world. She is President of NCSJ, an organization which advocates for the Jewish communities and provides skill training for their leaders in the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. Lesley Israel is a Member of the National Executive Committee of the Anti-Defamation League.

Deno Seder
Deno Seder is president of Deno Seder Productions, a film and video production company in Washington, D.C. Seder is a writer, producer and director who produced most of the films and videos for the Cultural Exchange Foundation. His firm’s clients have included museums, galleries, artists, corporations, professional associations, investor groups, public advocacy organizations, political candidates and government agencies. Seder’s work has won many creative awards, most recently, the “Best of Show” at the 2007 Houston International Film Festival.

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