Ninety percent of Greek Jews perished during the Holocaust. Most were killed at Auschwitz/Birkenau. But on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, the entire Greek Jewish community was saved from annihilation. The book recounts the many acts of human kindness and compassion, large and small, that restored faith in mankind and renewed hope for survival. A major motion picture, based on the book, is currently in development.


"This true story illuminates the courage and humanity of a people who risked their lives to save their neighbors...riveting work and careful research.”
Rabbi Meyer H. May Executive Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center

"Any student of World War II and the Holocaust-- in fact, any student of history-- should read this book. It is a testament to the human spirit and to the courage of two men who were willing to risk their own lives to save the Jewish community of the Greek island of Zakynthos. And they succeeded!"
Michael Dukakis Former Governor of Massachusetts and candidate for president

”Miracle at Zakynthos uncovers a little-known story of World War II in compelling detail, explaining how two men went to extraordinary lengths to protect their neighbors while 70,000 other Greek Jews perished.”
Abraham H. Foxman National Director, Anti-Defamation League

“Thank you for your unique book, Miracle at Zakynthos. I was happy to read about this ray of light. To my sorrow, there were too few of them during this time in history. The world today must learn from their hardship and behavior. I hope and pray that this book will become a beacon to humanity and inspire dedication to our fellow man.”
Rabbi David Lau Chief Rabbi of Israel

“In this well-researched and documented collection of firsthand accounts and historical texts, we witness the great spiritual stature of our not-so-distant forebears. This book serves as a powerful reminder of intrepid bravery in the face of inhumane threats. It is our prayer that this book will inspire and provide hope in our day, just as the actions of the islanders and the resulting salvation from death of the Greek Jewish population of Zakynthos bolstered the spirits of the Greek people in those dark and difficult times.”
His All Holiness the Ecumentical Patriarch Bartholomew Patriarch of the Orthodox Church